All Four Players In This Second-floor Apartment Hold Second Jobs At Least Part Of The Year.

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Adam Sonabend (left) waits as his roommate Matt Pare gather his things from the floor mattress that he sleeps on next to the kitchen in their Augusta, Ga., apartment. on July 16, 2016. [Washington Post photo by John McDonnell.] He put the leftover chicken and lasagna into the fridge, and when he opened the sliding pantry door it fell off the track. “Believe it or not,” he said of the apartment, “the last place was worse.” In this complex west of town, roughly 10 units are filled – packed, in some cases – with GreenJackets players and coaches. In here, the air conditioning rumbles and the front door must be slammed to close; Pare sat on carpet singed in places by a previous tenant, examining the lens on his video camera. All four players in this second-floor apartment hold second jobs at least part of the year. Connolly works construction during offseasons, McCasland is a substitute teacher and Sonabend spends part of the morning hours organizing online inventory for a pharmaceutical company. Neither pays especially well, but it’s enough financial oxygen to keep the dream alive. Pare makes YouTube videos that poke fun at the plight of a “homeless minor leaguer,” a light-hearted look at the lonely hours and inelegant lifestyle the common fan rarely sees. “You can sponsor a player right now,” he implores viewers in one video inspired by those old “Save the Children” ads. Pare ends most videos by soliciting donations, and a good month – he collected $83 in July – means he doesn’t have to negotiate food prices at Waffle House.

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